YouTube Channel Under Construction

We've been taking videos of all the exciting things happening on the farm and at the winery. Why? In preparation for our new youtube channel!

All throughout October, we were busily filming all of the action going on - and there was plenty to film!  From the major yearly events such as grape harvest and crush to the daily routine of filling barrels and testing brix, there was no shortage of interesting aspects of the wine life to record.

There was a bit to learn about taking good videos: keep the camera steady, get multiple angles of each bit of the action, stay out of the workers' way, etc. It was fairly intuitive, though, since it's just an extension of good photography, which is an area we're already familiar with.

What was not so intuitive was the editing. We are teaching ourselves how to do this, and it's a much more complicated and delicate process than we anticipated! There are so many steps, so many details, and so many times when shaving off or adding just milliseconds makes the world of difference between a good video and a bad one. They say the best way to get good is to practice, so hopefully we'll be able to lock down a good format over the first several videos. It can be a frustrating process, but it's great fun nonetheless, and we hope you'll like the results. :)

Take a look at our channel and let us know what you think; we love hearing your feedback!

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