The Folks Behind the Label

We are Recusant Cellars - but who are "we"? Meet the crew:

Winemakers for Ceili Winery and Recusant Cellars


Winemaker, vineyard manager and business owner. New to farming, experienced in winemaking. This guy does everything, from management operations to making the wine himself, to walking the fields and tending the plants. You'll also frequently see him hanging out at events around town, chatting, laughing, and pouring wine.


The dork responsible for social media and online marketing. She takes most of the pictures and videos, and writes all the words. Prefers being behind a camera to being in front of it, and is fascinated by all things winemaking and farm life!

The Boyz

These two are the 3rd generation in the family to work the land. As farmers-in-training, they spend their days romping about the countryside and working in the orchards and vineyards -

a dream job for any young man.

Michael & John

Join Us

We have a fantastic time out here in the Columbia River Valley - follow the adventure on our social media channels, and be a part of the roller coaster ride that is farming and winemaking!

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