Our 2019 Dolcetto is under way!

In late September, we received a shipment of Dolcetto grapes.  These came from the vineyard of a friend who had conspired with Jason (our own winemaker) to go into the wine industry together. His vineyard overlooks the Yakima River, next to Red Mountain, and the soil profile there allowed him to plant varieties of grapes that we were interested in, but didn't think fit our own site. Needless to say, we were very happy to get the chance to work with these grapes!

We immediately crushed and dis-stemmed the Dolcetto, which was a very sticky mess!

It went through the initial fermentation well, so at the beginning of October, we pressed off the juice, and it was just beautiful.

Now it's aging quietly in French oak barrels. Look in occasionally at this page to see each of the wines we have in house, and where they are in the winemaking process!

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