Hand Harvesting the Orange Muscat

Orange Muscat is technically a green grape, though when it ripens it has a lovely golden hue in both the leaves and the berries.

We picked our Orange Muscat grapes by hand this year. We only have about an acre of them, so it took just a single day to get them all. The weather was beautifully sunny and not too cold, although the temperature dropped drastically when evening came - perfect for making an ice wine!

We let the bins of picked grapes sit outside overnight in the cold air, so that the sugars and flavours would condense, in order to make a sweeter juice when they're pressed off.

We'll be crushing the grapes almost immediately, but this will be for an ice wine, so we'll only be crushing in the very early morning, when it's less than 15° outside!

Stay tuned to hear how the Ice Crush goes!

#winelife #grapeharvest


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