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2016 Petit Verdot

This award-winning vintage drips with notes of cherries, buttery oak, and so much more!

But it's a small, 350 case vintage, so

Get some before it runs out!

2017 Petit Verdot

   Another uniquely rich and elegant Petit Verdot, this wine already has tantalizing fruit aromas. 

Prepared for bottling - Coming Soon!

2018 Petit Verdot

   This vintage will be much like its sister wines, continuing the great tradition begun in 2016!  The colour is amazing, and its structure is developing nicely.

Prepared for bottling - Coming Soon!

2018 Octavian

   This exciting new addition to our cellars comes from juicy dark blue Cabernet Sauvignon grapes in huge, tight clusters.  It will be a full bodied red wine with beautiful structure and a lovely deep colour.

Prepared for bottling - Coming Soon!


2018 Dolcetto


Extremely Limited Edition!

   This is a light bodied and fruity

Italian red wine.

We only have about 60 cases of this lovely wine, so get some while you can!

2019 Petit Verdot

More and more and more Petit Verdot,

because we love this grape!

What will we do with this vintage?

Shh...that's a surprise.

2019 Orange Muscat

   We have a brand new sweet white wine in the works!

This late harvest Orange Muscat comes from the golden-green orange muscat grapes of our own estate vineyard, and is shaping up to be a delicious dessert wine!

Prepared for bottling - Coming Soon!

2020 Petit Verdot

Current Status: Fermenting

2020 Cabernet Sauvignon

Current Status: Fermenting

2020 Dolcetto

   Current Status: Fermenting

2020 Orange Muscat

  Current Status: Pressed & Fermenting

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